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Advantages of Flexible Packaging

Flexible plastic packaging has been the most dynamic innovation in the field of packaging. The advantages of plastic packaging are numerous. Be it molding it into a variety of shapes or preserving the flavor and safety of food or logistical aspects, all are covered under the flexible packaging. Flexible packaging by definition is made from […]

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Contract Packaging or In-House Packaging?

Whether a packager is a start-up company or a Fortune 500 that delivers a wide range of products to the general public every day, there are advantages and disadvantages to packaging your own product. A quick analysis of each given packaging project will help to decide which is better, in-house packaging or contract packaging. In […]

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What Is Contract Packing?

Contract Packing (Co-packing) is actually used for a wide variety of commercially available products. When an item is manufactured or imported in bulk it may require further refinement to make it acceptable for retail sale. For example, batteries can be imported in bulk and then repackaged into smaller retail size packs. This produces a considerable […]

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